what if...

What would happen if 10,000 people were praying on a regular basis for Every Man, Woman, and Child in the Greater Calgary area to have multiple opportunities to hear, see, and respond to the gospel?

Imagine if 10,000 people were praying for:

  • specific churches/church plants needs
  • specific neighbourhoods
  • and even, specific people by name

We imagine that we would see God move in BIG ways!

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Join the 10,000 Strong

We want you to join our Prayer Movement for the Greater Calgary area. 

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As we partner with churches from across North America, we ar

Prayer Newsletter

The most accessible way to join the 10,000 Strong prayer movement is to sign up for our Newsletter. Through our Prayer Newsletter, you will be able to join us in praying for:

  • specific needs for local church planters;
  • upcoming ministry outreaches and events;
  • new communities where we long to see new churches; and,
  • and specific people who are hearing the gospel in our area.

Summer Vision Tours

Imagine joining a local church planter as they prayer-walk through a new community in need of a church.

Imagine meeting some of the church planting couples, ministry leaders, or new believers you have prayed for through our Prayer Newsletter.

Imagine coming to Calgary to join us for a Vision Tour to see in-person all that God is doing in our beautiful city.

Local Champions

Join us our 10,000 Strong by being a Local Champion no matter where you live. 

What is a Local Champion?

A Local Champion will not only pray for Calgary, but will actively invite others to join in praying and partnering here in our city.

How to become a Local Champion?

Email us to join our Local Champion community.

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