Let us introduce Oureselves...

Tapestry Church is a church of ~75 people who meet at in the chapel of the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary & College. Tapestry is located in Cochrane, Alberta, which is one of the fastest growing communities in all of Canada. 

Tapestry Church has three key values...


Tapestry Church is a gospel family not simply because they enjoy time together, gather for meals in each others homes, or go on annual camping trips. Rather, Tapestry is a gospel family because God has made them family through the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Tapestry Church believes all followers of Jesus have been transformed (through the saving act of Jesus Christ) and are being transformed (through the sanctifying act of the Spirit) in accordance with the plan of the Father. Therefore, we are all on a journey of transformation together.


Tapestry Church believes God wants the church to live out the blessing call that was first received by Abraham (Genesis 12). We believe that we have been tremendously blessed by God and that He is calling us to be a blessing unto others in our community.

Current Prayer Requests

Join Tapestry Church in prayer through the following requests...


Pray for the return to in-person gatherings in Q1 of 2021.


Pray for an intentional gospel presence in every community of Cochrane.